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My name is Philip Romeyn a self proclaimed (Strobist) Photographer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Model photography I do to get my creativity out into the world and my
self out of the daily work routine.

I started model photography in July 2009 and it’s fun to work out ideas that creep around in my head and ofcourse the ideas of the model.

I got my own unique and twisted style of photography and editing photos. My work is colorful, dark and edgy and sometimes the opposite side of that. I work under my artist/nick name “Phillostar” and in extension of that for my photography “PGB (Phillostar Gone Ballistic)”.

I don’t have a photo studio so I mainly do location shoots, and TF (trade for) based shoots. I don’t do a lot of fashion or mainstream stuff, there has to be some kind of twist or theme to the shoot:

  • Gothic;
  • Victorian;
  • Cyber;
  • Punk;
  • Lolita;
  • Rockabilly;
  • Fetish;
  • Gore;
  • Burlesque / Pin-up;
  • Glamour;
  • anything that goes for eccentric or out of the ordinary.